Furniture Assembly During Our Relocation Services in Vienna, Lower Austria, and Burgenland

Simply disregard the effort, strain, and time involved in furniture assembly during your relocation. Have you lost the instructions or lack the required tools and craftsmanship to dismantle your kitchen or cabinets? Leave the challenge to our installers instead, ensuring that all your furniture fits correctly at your new location. We take care of all furniture assembly work, allowing you to solely focus on your new home. With our skilled and adept craftsmen, we guarantee the perfect condition of your inventory at the desired destination. Our company is an established moving company in Vienna, renowned across Austria for professionalism and reliability. With our experience in the relocation industry, we can ensure top-quality assembly and disassembly with the highest level of safety and efficiency. With us, you receive top-notch relocation services as well as furniture assembly at a reasonable price.

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Packaging Materials in the Course of Furniture Transport in Vienna

Furniture assembly isn't necessary for all items. For logistical reasons alone, loading into transporters and trucks is made easier through simple handling and loading. However, all objects must always be properly and neatly packed for the upcoming furniture transport in Vienna. Our experienced furniture packers know which items require what packaging materials to ensure that the entire moving inventory remains intact even during long journeys outside Vienna. After the furniture assembly work, our installers pack the individual parts in cartons, hand-stretch or bubble wrap, and additionally secure them with moving blankets in the truck. We go the extra mile to guarantee that your belongings maintain their impeccable condition during furniture transport, even outside Vienna. We handle glasses and other delicate materials with particular care. These are loaded into the moving trucks last and secured with transport straps to prevent shifting.

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Furniture Assembly by Experts in Relocations

Our relocation company has its own installers and carpenters who specialize in furniture assembly. We utilize the most modern methods and are always equipped with the required tools to quickly and flexibly disassemble goods of all kinds. Our furniture packers work with optimal work systems, allowing us to disassemble all components of your furniture in a controlled and flawless manner. As a result, your items will be perfectly assembled at the destination without any complications. We are demanding in every step we follow during furniture assembly. Our moving team handles the disassembly and assembly of your goods in an extremely methodical, responsible, and careful manner. From entire kitchens to bathrooms and IT equipment, we can fulfill any customer request for assembly services. We work with maximum concentration and deliver high-quality work that is appreciated and positively reviewed by our customers. With our relocation company in Vienna, your furniture transport becomes a breeze.


Unique Prices

We stand for transparent prices. Therefore, we always handle our costs with our customers on an individual and flat-rate basis.


Furniture Assembly

Our moving company has its own carpenters and craftsmen who specialize in the assembly and disassembly of furniture in Vienna.


Professional Movers

Our team is competent and affordable. We are always equipped with state-of-the-art moving equipment and strong furniture movers.


Clearing Out

During clearance and decluttering, we always ensure compliance with legal regulations, protecting you from potential fines.

Our Installers are Familiar with All Brands and Types of Furniture

Our installers don't differentiate between brands when it comes to furniture installations. Our furniture packers are true specialists in their craft, familiar with all types and brands of furniture. Assembling and disassembling furniture is pure routine for us and can be completed within a very short time. This means that you can enjoy your furniture fully functional at your new location, regardless of its value. Apply for our relocation service today, including the assembly of your entire moving inventory. We are available through a free inquiry form, email, and phone. Take advantage of our free on-site initial assessment, allowing our installers and craftsmen to personally assess the furniture assembly requirements. This enables our furniture packers to work quickly and efficiently on the day of the move.

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