Vienna Moving Service - Prices

How Much Does a Move Within Vienna Cost?

The costs for a moving service in Vienna depend on many factors. Nevertheless, we can provide you with a rough estimate of the expected prices.

The approximate costs for moving in Vienna and its surroundings
30 m² approx. €420.00 - €600.00 2 men + 1 truck 1 trip
50 m² approx. €600.00 - €840.00 2 men + 1 truck 1 trip
75 m² approx. €840.00 - €1,320.00 3 men + 1 truck 1 - 2 trips
100 m² approx. €1,200.00 - €1,800.00 3 - 4 men + 1 truck 2 trips

Of course, for apartments larger than 60m², a survey for your relocation is no longer an option but necessary. The price of your move may vary when adding a technician or craftsman, as well as for heavy transports.

How Much Does Piano Transport Cost in Vienna?

Upright piano, piano up to 200kg from €240 + €20 per floor 2 - 3 movers + 1 truck
Grand piano, upright piano over 200kg from €360 + €35 per floor 3 - 4 movers + 1 truck

Are Moving Surveys in Vienna Free?

Yes, our surveys are free, but not always necessary. For larger households, we will, of course, prefer the survey. However, there is also the option to send us pictures of your moving inventory via email or WhatsApp.


Can Additional Costs Arise During a Move in Vienna?

Usually, yes, because unfortunately, there are many unscrupulous operators in the moving industry. Therefore, you should choose your moving company carefully. Indicators of such companies include hourly rates of €25.00 - €42.00 per hour for 2 men and a truck, negative reviews on the web, and a list of unclear additional costs. To avoid this, we recommend requesting a written flat-rate offer for your move and researching the desired moving company on the internet.

How Do I Calculate the Number of Moving Boxes?

For a shared apartment room, you will typically need only 10-15 boxes. But for a standard move, you can estimate about 25 moving boxes per person. Another method of calculation would be, for example, 1 box per m² of living space.

Moving Box

€ 3.60 / Each

435 x 475 x 340 mm (W/H/D)
Wardrobe Box

€ 26 / Each

595 x 1324 x 510 mm (W/H/D)
Air Cushion Film

€ 2 / meter

Adhesive Tape

€ 3.60 / Each

50 mm x 66 meters
Packing Paper

€ 12 / Kg

60 x 84 cm
Hand Stretch Film

€ 24 / Roll

500mm x 230 meters
No-Parking Zone Permit

€ 120 per address

Furniture Assembly per Man

€ 48 / Hour

Disposal Costs

from € 18 per m³


Can You Deduct the Costs for Private Moving Services from Taxes?

If you are changing your place of residence for professional reasons, you can deduct taxes as business expenses. Business expenses are expenses that can arise for professional reasons.

Reasons for which a tax deduction of moving costs is possible:

  • Moving expenses incurred to ensure the performance of your profession
  • Your position requires a relocation to another city or country
  • You are moving from abroad to Austria to take up your new job
  • The move results in a significant reduction in commuting distance

Annual Leave Entitlement When Moving in Austria

According to Paragraph 8 (3) of the Employees Act, you are entitled to up to one week (usually only 1 to 2 working days, as per the employment contract) of paid leave. Don't forget to clarify this with your employer before you start your move.

We Stand for Transparent Pricing

That's why we always settle our costs with our customers on an individual and flat-rate basis. We exclusively work with fixed prices, so nothing is guaranteed to be added at the end of the job. Components that ultimately determine your price include the size of the apartment, the amount of goods, the required preparation time, the distance between the apartments, parking conditions, and elevators. We would be happy to visit you for an individual, non-binding, and free initial inspection appointment to take a closer look at your situation. This allows us to quickly and accurately orient ourselves towards the emerging price and inform you in advance about the costs of our various services.

Enjoy our all-encompassing customer service and contact our dispatcher to schedule an inspection appointment for your move. We prefer to handle our orders personally and guarantee a fair, transparent price.

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