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Instead of listing the numerous advantages of planning and executing your private move in Vienna with us, we would like to share a story from a distant acquaintance of one of our employees. It would certainly provide enough material for a comedy, if it weren't so unfortunate.

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A Self-Made Nightmare: My Private Move in Vienna

Here's my personal horror story about my private move in Vienna that took place about two weeks ago. Initially, everything seemed fine, but this move turned into an absolute catastrophe for me in the end. To this day, I don't really know why. I blame it on the Chinese horoscope... But what happened?

It wasn't supposed to be a big deal, the plan I had in mind. Just three rooms, not too many pieces of furniture or clothes, a three-year-old well-preserved built-in kitchen that I had invested a good amount of money in back in the day. Nothing extraordinary, no valuable treasures.

The move was from my old apartment in Leopoldstadt to the beautiful area of Meidling, where I actually rented a very chic three-room apartment that I could afford. Since I know the area quite well and have some friends there, I know that it takes about 20 minutes by car from my old apartment in Leopoldstadt to Meidling, only 17 kilometers via the Southeast Tangent.

That's why doing my private move in Vienna on my own didn't seem so bad. Why throw money at a moving company? I'm not bad with my hands, and I have full confidence in my own abilities.

Furthermore, a colleague at work once told me that you could rent vans at a super cheap price. After a few searches online, I actually found a company and reserved a huge van for the 15th.

Because I'm not completely clueless, I measured the van and calculated that I would need to make three trips based on the volume of things to transport. I added an extra trip as a reserve, just to be safe. That's four trips in total, generously estimating half an hour per trip, which adds up to 4 hours of pure driving time on the road. Of course, loading and unloading also take time. I estimated an hour each for loading and unloading. So, for loading and unloading four times each, that's a total of eight hours. Adding the driving time, 12 hours should be more than enough for my private move in Vienna.

Since I'll prepare everything well, it will probably go faster anyway. I'm well aware that it won't be a day of relaxation. But if we start at 8:00 AM, we should be finished by 8:00 PM. Since the move was planned for a Saturday, I intended to rest on Sunday and maybe even start setting up a few things. So, no problem.

Naturally, I didn't intend to handle the move alone. That's why I had talked to a few friends well in advance. After a bit of persuasion, three of my dearest buddies committed to being there punctually at 8:00 AM on that Saturday. I was excited, as I'm quite good at planning. :)

As a result, I had already started emptying the cabinets and packing everything into boxes a few weeks before. Everything was going perfectly.

The Last Days Before the Big Day

Since Wednesday, I had taken time off work to prepare for my private move in Vienna. So, I could start the preparations two days ahead in a relaxed manner, along with Wolfgang, one of my friends, disassembling the furniture. That went smoothly too. However, then it was time for the kitchen, which completely overwhelmed us. Although I had watched during the installation, we couldn't manage to dismantle the kitchen. While the doors were quickly removed, the rest seemed to be welded together by the Devil's hand. And when a large corner of the kitchen countertop decided to split from the rest of the countertop with a loud crack, we gave up, sweating and cursing.

By now, it was Friday afternoon. Tomorrow morning, the kitchen had to be transport-ready and dismantled. While Wolfgang tried to find some kind of assembly service online and by phone, I kept struggling. Despite my twisted neck and scraped skin, the success was rather modest. At least I managed to safely remove the precious ceramic unit with the built-in extractor hood. I also successfully dismantled a few other small things, like the sink and connections. Initially, Wolfgang had less success. But then he managed to find a "contractor" who was willing to dismantle the kitchen for a negotiated 750 euros (instead of the initially requested 1,000), and he would do it that evening. I think I should have given up at this point...

He took the money, he "dismantled" it too. Whether it could ever be reassembled was a question that crossed my mind at that moment. "Ah, no problem, it's all sorted!", was the response from the specialist. When he finished around 9:00 PM, we were done too. The countertop was already damaged beyond repair and had been completely sacrificed during the dismantling. But at least everything was leaning against the wall and ready for transport.

The Big Day: My Private Move in Vienna

Finally, the day had come. I set off to pick up the van as early as 7:00 AM. Everything went as planned, and soon the spacious wonder was parked outside the door. Or rather, in the vicinity, which actually meant quite far away. Just like always, everything was densely parked in front of the house. Because I had completely forgotten that you can apply for a no-parking zone permit from the city for a private move in Vienna, and in fact, you should. I already had a bad feeling about Meidling...

Meanwhile, Wolfgang had also arrived. But no sign of the other two. Felix's phone seemed to be off or out of reception. Great! Robert responded somewhat groggy and softly. He apologized a thousand times, saying how terribly sorry he was. But he had completely forgotten that he and his wife had booked a trip to Budapest for this weekend, where he currently was. I couldn't say much besides "Have fun!"

Wolfgang and I exchanged looks, shrugged our shoulders, and decided to start already, until Felix would appear as the urgently needed help for my private move in Vienna. Before we started carrying things out, we checked once again to see if maybe, by some miracle, we could find a spot for the van in front of the house. Even though someone was actually leaving, it was unthinkable to park our long beast here somewhere.

Finally, we began hauling down the dismantled furniture and various boxes. At least it wasn't raining... We called Felix again, but there was no news. Despite having enough space, the first passersby started getting upset about the items on the sidewalk. But it couldn't be helped; the stuff had to go somewhere. I was a bit uneasy about leaving all my belongings unattended down there. Well, ... nothing can be changed now.

Still no sign of Felix.

While Wolfgang was still lugging boxes downstairs, I went to fetch the van. Although it had to stay in the second row, oh well! Even though we really tried to hurry, it took significantly longer than planned to load up the van.

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I'll Keep It Brief

As feared, the same drama with illegal parking in the second row happened in Meidling. On that day, we managed to complete only two trips and load the van once. Then two more trips on the rainy Sunday. Unbelievably, despite parking illegally in the second row for hours on eight occasions, we didn't get a parking ticket.

By Sunday evening, I felt completely exhausted and had to call in sick for Monday. I slept on a mattress on the floor for two nights. Understandably, Wolfgang was more than annoyed. Initially, he helped with my private move in Vienna as a friend. Then out of pity, I'm sure. It was a tough test for our friendship. The same goes for Felix. At least he called up later that night and was there on Sunday. Only to end up in the emergency room in the evening...

The Outcome of the Disaster as a Summary

Not everything that could have gone wrong actually did. In other words, at least we're all still alive, and things could have (still) been worse. Nevertheless, I can't really recommend anyone to attempt a private move in Vienna entirely on their own. I really don't know how to process all of this. Seriously!

Such stress, so much frustration, risking long-term friendships. And for what? To try to save a few euros. The result of my attempt to save has cost me multiple times over. I could kick myself right now. What an idiot! Never again! But hindsight is always 20/20.

What This Weekend Brought Us

  • Didn't get a parking ticket (as if by magic!).
  • I don't think anything was stolen, but chaos still reigns here.
  • While maneuvering things around parked cars, a lampshade fell onto a car. Result: broken lampshade and scratched hood. Fantastic first impression with my new neighbor...
  • During the last (fortunately almost empty) trip to Meidling, the van broke down on the way. Although I wasn't charged for it, Wolfgang and I were able to transport the small stuff with the car. But I don't want to think about what would have happened with a fully loaded van.
  • Some of the once high-gloss polished kitchen fronts are deeply scratched beyond salvation. Others are only superficially damaged. In short, nearly all are in a...
  • The sofa has oil stains on the right armrest. Please don't ask!
  • A few shelf boards are damaged, but I don't care. I'll put something on them anyway.
  • Some furniture edges have been chipped. But I once read that you might be able to salvage something with nail polish and a walnut.
  • While unloading from the van, a lovely mishap occurred: the darn expensive ceramic hob with the extractor hood snapped right in half. Which idiot had put a heavy box on top of it?
  • A box of books lost its bottom while unloading in Meidling, and all the books fell into the mud in the drizzle. Consequently, they are all ruined, with broken corners, dampness, dirt – basically trash. It's particularly sad for the expensive art books. But I truly have no more tears...
  • Felix crushed his hand on Sunday evening. He actually fractured his metacarpal bone. Poor guy is on sick leave now.
  • Just got a fine for illegal disposal of pollutants. We threw the leftover kitchen countertops into the waste containers in Leopoldstadt.

As if all that wasn't already more than enough... As I finally want to lie down, I think, "What's that weird smell?" Some damn dog actually pissed on one of my already stacked laundry boxes while we were sweating and dragging stuff down. I'm sure I've forgotten one thing or another. At least I'm writing this report only now. I've already been in the chaos of my new apartment for two weeks. But honestly, I had imagined it differently.

I could cry if I had the strength to. Just the kitchen...

Tom K.

How Do I Find a Reliable Company for My Private Move?

If you're looking for a reliable moving company in Vienna, there are several steps you can take to find the best option for your needs.

  • Research: Start with thorough online research and read customer reviews and experiences with moving companies in Vienna. This will give you insights into the quality of services and the reputation of the companies.
  • Get Recommendations: Ask friends, family, or colleagues about their experiences with moving companies. First-hand recommendations are often reliable and trustworthy.
  • Get Quotes: Contact several moving companies and obtain written cost estimates. Ensure that all services and costs are detailed to avoid surprises later on.
  • Licensing and Insurance: Ensure that the selected company has the necessary licenses and insurance to ensure a smooth and secure move.
  • Personal Meetings: Arrange personal meetings with the companies to get a sense of their professionalism and customer service. Ask about their experience and the services they offer.
  • Flexibility and Additional Services: Check whether the company is flexible in accommodating your individual requirements and offers additional services such as packing or furniture assembly.

Through thorough research and personal interaction with potential moving companies, you can find a reliable company that will make your move in Vienna smooth and stress-free.

What Can Affect the Costs of My Private Move?

The costs of a private move in Vienna can be influenced by various factors that need to be considered to obtain a transparent and accurate cost estimate.

  • Scope of the Move: The size of the move is a crucial factor. The more furniture, boxes, and personal belongings need to be transported, the higher the costs.
  • Distance and Destination: The distance between your current residence and the destination in Vienna plays a role. Long distances require more time and resources.
  • Accessibility: The accessibility of the locations can affect costs. Difficult parking, narrow staircases, or lack of an elevator can pose additional challenges.
  • Packing Services: If you hire the moving company to pack your household items, the price increases, but it can also save you time and effort.
  • Assembly/Disassembly: Disassembling and assembling furniture requires additional labor and time, which can impact costs. However, it provides protection and safety for your valuable possessions. At Umzugsbaron, this is already included in the price for free.
  • Timing of the Move: Demand for moving services can vary seasonally, leading to price changes.
  • Special Requests: If you have specific requirements, such as disposing of old furniture or transporting delicate items, costs may increase.

To obtain an accurate cost calculation for your private move in Vienna, it's recommended to get a detailed cost estimate. At Umzugsbaron, we are available to assist you and provide you with a clear offer.

Planning a private move in Vienna? It's better to talk to us well in advance. We take care of what you can't or don't want to do. Or everything. To ensure you don't forget anything, even if you plan to do much or everything on your own, we have prepared a helpful and detailed moving checklist as an additional service. No wonder your Umzugsbaron is ranked among the top 10 moving companies according to

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Private Move in Vienna
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