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We stand for transparent pricing

Umzugsbaron is a moving company in Vienna, but we operate throughout Austria. Relocations within Austria and from city to city are part of our scope of work. Moves within an Austrian city are also handled with expertise.

Our diverse service areas:

  • Relocation Vienna
  • Moving Lower Austria
  • Moving Burgenland
  • Moving service to/from Salzburg
  • Moves to/from Tyrol
  • Moving to/from Upper Austria
  • Moving to/from Styria
  • Moving company to/from Carinthia

For all the listed service areas, we naturally offer excellent relocation services as part of our offerings. As an experienced moving company, we know what to look out for. Upon request, we provide you with a professional packing service to ensure everything is safely stowed away. This saves you time and effort, allowing you to focus on other details of your move. We handle the heavy lifting for you. However, this moving service includes more than just a packing or unpacking service.

Is there a need for decluttering? We are more than happy to take care of it for you, whether it's for a move or any other reason. Unwanted furniture pieces are professionally and legally cleared by us. Any resulting waste is disposed of properly. Many service providers overlook this aspect, and improperly or illegally cleared household items or bulky waste can lead to consequences for the client. You don't have to worry about such shortcomings with us, as a reputable moving company, we uphold high standards. Even particularly challenging decluttering cases pose no problem for our experienced staff. We address the issue quickly, discreetly, and reliably. These criteria apply not only to decluttering but also to moving and other services in our portfolio.

Take our assembly service, for example. It's one of our specialties. Do you wish to have your new or existing furniture pieces assembled after your relocation? No problem, we have experience with that. Of course, we also handle the disassembly of your furniture during the move. Small assemblies and disassemblies such as grab bars or curtain rods are naturally included in our furniture assembly service during the move. Feel free to ask for a non-binding quote; this service is more affordable than many people think.

Large, complex, and extensive assemblies and disassemblies are especially common in kitchens. We are familiar with that too. Please don't hesitate to inquire about our assembly service and learn more.

Umzug Einsatzorte
Umzug Einsatzorte
Umzug Einsatzorte

Unique Prices

We stand for transparent prices. Therefore, we always handle our costs with our customers on an individual and flat-rate basis.


Furniture Assembly

Our moving company has its own carpenters and craftsmen who specialize in the assembly and disassembly of furniture in Vienna.


Professional Movers

Our team is competent and affordable. We are always equipped with state-of-the-art moving equipment and strong furniture movers.


Clearing Out

During clearance and decluttering, we always ensure compliance with legal regulations, protecting you from potential fines.

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Assembly Service - Professional Relocation

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