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Especially when it comes to moving in Vienna, it's important to hire a moving company that is well-versed in the processes in the Austrian capital. We deal with all types of moves on a daily basis and have the necessary expertise to ensure that you can relocate according to plan and smoothly. From parking regulations, no-parking zones, and driving restrictions to specific laws and regulations for commercial moving trips with a truck: our moving company in Vienna is considered an expert in the moving industry and handles all conditions properly. With our moving company, you don't have to rely on guesswork; you have a true professional for your move to Vienna by your side.

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Our Relocation Process

We highly value the trust and satisfaction of our customers. That's why we offer personalized relocation services to our corporate and private clients, including trained personnel, insured furniture transport, and appropriate packaging materials. A relocation with us is always characterized by individual and specialized service. A family moving within Vienna naturally requires different relocation services than a company expanding internationally. Consequently, collaboration with our customers in advance is essential to us. To begin, we need the precise details of your relocation. This includes the timing, the current address, the new address, and the inventory to be transported. We then create a detailed schedule to specify the deployment of our vehicles, furniture movers, assemblers, and carpenters. To assist us in this process, ideally provide us with visual material so that our moving assistants can make the planning process for your move to Vienna as efficient as possible.

Our customer service representatives will organize a free consultation appointment that suits your schedule to obtain a detailed assessment of your belongings. Furthermore, we inspect your property for necessary accessibilities, such as parking facilities, staircase width, and existing elevators. This allows us to gain a comprehensive understanding of upcoming relocations and organize them according to our customers' wishes and preferences. On the day of the relocation, our furniture movers get to work. If necessary, craftsmen are also on-site in our relocation team to professionally and securely dismantle heavy items such as beds, wardrobes, or kitchens. Subsequently, your furniture is safely stored in our trucks and wrapped with packaging materials to ensure the integrity of all items, even on the densely traveled streets of Vienna. At the desired destination, our moving assistants get to work again, placing the items in their designated locations and continuing with reassembly. If required, after the successful relocation service, we take care of the clearance and disposal of unusable goods.

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umzug wien

Vienna Relocation Articles Overview

Processing the Relocation in Vienna

For our relocation company, no move in Vienna is too small. We are well-connected as a local moving company in Vienna and can offer a flexible and fast relocation service throughout Vienna with our modern fleet of trucks and vans. Even if you have a modest transport need, such as moving from one apartment to another, we can assist our private customers with our cost-effective small-scale relocation service. Do you just want to move individual items quickly, like a bed and a wardrobe? We always find an optimal solution at attractive prices for you.

How Your Move Works with Umzugsbaron

  • 1 The Initial Contact: Your move is approaching, and you haven't found a competent, friendly, and cost-effective moving company yet? No problem! Simply fill out our contact form or contact us by phone (+43 1 280 67 92) or email ( During this initial contact, we discuss the details and assess your needs.
  • 2 Initial Inspection as a Free Moving Service: To determine the extent of your move precisely, one of our field experts will personally assess the situation. Based on this assessment, we will provide a cost estimate for your private move or business move. Neither the initial inspection nor the cost estimate for your move includes any costs or obligations. You won't pay for this service, and you are not obligated to place an order. We only create a fixed flat rate. The decision is then yours.
  • 3 The Cost Estimate for Your Move: We present the cost estimate to you transparently and without hidden costs. All services are presented simply and clearly in this estimate. For example, furniture assembly, furniture transport, heavy transport (such as heavy furniture or piano transport). If you agree with us as a moving company and our services, the planning process continues, and your move is meticulously planned and prepared.
  • 4 The Move: On the day of the move, we carry out our carefully developed plan. The Umzugsbaron team works together perfectly, and everyone knows their tasks. Depending on your needs, we provide packing and unpacking services. The Umzugsbaron moving service also includes other services. In addition to extensive furniture assembly by our fitter, safe transport is, of course, provided. For private moves and business moves, we can disassemble the inventory and reassemble it in the new domicile with one of our craftsmen, upon request.
    Furniture transport includes cabinets, sofas, beds, and other pieces of furniture. These are securely packed. Each individual piece is adequately protected with hand stretch film, bubble wrap, and moving blankets.
    Do you need to transport heavy furniture? The heavy transport service we offer includes particularly bulky and heavy items. Other moving companies may not be prepared for this, but we are. Transporting a piano or heavy wooden furniture falls into this category. Heavy electrical appliances like your washing machine also fall into the category of heavy furniture transport.
  • 5 Completion of the Move: After the work is done, we greatly appreciate it when customers provide us with feedback. This not only serves quality control but also shows us what we can improve. To remain competitive among the numerous moving companies, we rely on excellent customer service and friendliness.
umzug wien
umzug wien
umzug wien
umzug wien

Moving in Vienna Made Easy

For those who have chosen Vienna as their new domicile or wish to move away from Vienna, they have a lot on their plate. Aside from heavily trafficked streets with no parking, strict noise protection laws, or professional cleanouts, these are just a few of the points that can cause headaches during moves to or from our beautiful capital city. But it doesn't have to be that way. Whether it's a private or business move, those who plan their move to Vienna with Umzugsbaron will be able to sleep peacefully throughout the entire process. Even when others are pulling their hair out. Because your Umzugsbaron has the know-how and manpower for everything that comes with moving in Vienna.

Moving with a Start in Vienna

If Vienna is to be the starting point for your move, simply leave all your worries to us. Thanks to our decades of experience, our specialists are able to pull the right strings at the right moment. It doesn't matter whether you leave us with just the dragging and transport of furniture and boxes or if you want the very best from us. Because for a move to Vienna, whether within Vienna or out of Vienna, we can offer you a real all-around carefree package (see below).

Moving with Vienna as the Destination

Even if you plan to move to Vienna, Umzugsbaron is the right choice. Just like with a move within the city or away from Vienna, we are your competent partner for a move to Vienna. This means that we will discuss every aspect of your move to Vienna together. In other words, you decide what you want to do yourself, and we take care of everything else.

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Moving Company in Vienna with Fixed Flat Rates

As with all services, the price is one of the most important parameters when it comes to moves. Ultimately, it determines whether the moving experience is positive. With so many moving companies in Vienna, it can be difficult to find the right one for your needs. Many moving companies try to undercut each other and stay competitive solely on price. To achieve this, services are often cut, and moves are overbooked to generate additional profit. This leads to hectic relocations, delays, stress, and damaged items. But not with us.

Our moving company stands for transparency and consistency in cost structure. We are particularly proud of this. Therefore, we only work with fixed and pre-made flat-rate offers in which we clearly itemize all services that are required. Your personal moving assistant in Vienna will inform you in advance about the costs and how they are incurred. This way, you will know exactly what costs you will incur on moving day and will not pay a single cent more. We take away all your worries about unexpected costs and guarantee optimal service in Vienna with our moving company.

Our All-Inclusive Package for Moving Services in Vienna

Just like with any service, a moving service in Vienna becomes more affordable when you do various things yourself. However, often there is a lack of time, experience, craftsmanship, or the necessary tools. As a long-established, reliable moving company in Vienna, we are able to take on all the services that you do not want to handle yourself. Whether it's boxes or packaging materials, bureaucracy or heavy lifting, disassembly, installation work, or reassembly: because we have specialists even for complicated tasks like kitchens, moving with our help becomes child's play for you. All our services are available depending on your requirements.

  • Moving in Vienna for private and business moves (within Vienna, to and from Vienna)
  • Initial consultation at your location (free of charge)
  • Quote with a fixed price with a detailed list of services for your Vienna move
  • Highly trained, competent furniture packers with many years of experience
  • Most careful treatment of all your belongings
  • Provision of packaging material and moving boxes
  • Packing service, including packing household goods, laundry, dishes, and other movable furnishings
  • Disassembly of furniture, including fitted furniture, kitchens, and much more
  • Assembly service for furniture, kitchens, etc., with connection service
  • Professional cleanouts and cleanups in Vienna
  • Regulatory approvals such as setting up no-parking zones, etc.
  • Complete package: Our moving company takes care of the entire move without your involvement, leaves the old place swept clean, and sets up, connects, and arranges everything in the new apartment or office. Because you can book any moving service with your Umzugsbaron individually or in combination with other services, moves to, from, or within Vienna will be a completely relaxed affair for you. Just ask us anything you want to know about your Vienna move. We are here for you and will expertly answer any questions our customers have about moving.

In Addition to Our Moves, We Also Offer Piano Transport in Vienna

Do you want to transport a piano? Piano transport in Vienna is not just an ordinary heavy transport. The sensitive instruments are carefully handled by our experienced moving professionals with the right carrying techniques and materials. From preparation and packaging to transport and setup at the new destination, we exercise the utmost caution during piano transport in Vienna. Information about our prices for moves & piano transport in Vienna can be found here.

Umzugsbaron Is Your Quality Moving Company in Vienna

Modern equipment and competent furniture packers ensure a wonderful interaction during your move in Vienna. Of course, we are an officially registered moving company, and our services are adapted to the country's safety protocols. Professional, local, reliable, and friendly, that's what Umzugsbaron stands for.

Worry-free moving means more to us than just transporting furniture from A to B. Our trained specialists are particularly advantageous when it comes to assembly work. Craftsmen and fitters take care of each of these tasks. This ensures the correct execution of every furniture assembly.

Another special moving service from us is obtaining the necessary permits for the move. Permits, no-parking zones, insurance, and other formalities are gladly checked and handled by us. This leaves you with only a worry-free move in Vienna with Umzugsbaron.

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