2 Months Before the Move

Still Eight Weeks Until the Move

As your moving date approaches, planning becomes increasingly important. Have you arranged for full-service with the moving company? If yes, you are on the safe side. Otherwise, you should now organize your helpers and everything necessary.

checklist 2 months before the move

Moving on Your Own

On one hand, you can certainly save money by doing part of the move yourself. On the other hand, both the physical and mental strain should not be underestimated. Because a move on your own usually doesn't go as smoothly as you imagine, timely planning with ample reserves for everything is indispensable. The more detailed, the better. If you plan to do some of the work yourself, now is the time to plan everything.

Unforeseen setbacks should be factored in. Since the stress on moving day will already be immense, you won't react as calmly to unforeseen events as you normally would.

From renting the moving vehicle to the specific working hours and tasks of the helpers, any necessary catering, procuring packing materials and boxes, to arranging a babysitter or dog sitter, many things need to be considered.

Discuss with your property management so that the elevator isn't out of service for two days due to maintenance work on the day of your move.

With the Umzugsbaron, you've found the ideal partner. Even if you mainly want to handle the move yourself, there are tasks that a professional can complete in a fraction of the time. Keep this in mind! Because everything you don't trust yourself with, find too heavy, or too complicated, we're happy to take care of. Whether it's disassembling and possibly reassembling your kitchen or carrying the heaviest boxes - no problem for us!

Start packing everything you don't use daily right now - and that's more than you think. Stack the finished, labeled, and taped boxes in one room!

If possible, disassemble your furniture, secure drawers from falling out, and place them in a space-saving but easily accessible manner for moving day.

If you need new furniture in the new apartment, now is the time to order it. First, of course, the essential furniture, like beds. Whether a dresser or wardrobe is delivered two weeks after the move may be bearable. However, the mattresses should preferably be available on the first night.

Don't throw away newspapers, packing paper, and boxes. You will find these useful as packing materials.

Valuable Assistance for Your Move in Vienna Our valuable assistance for your move in Vienna goes beyond just transporting furniture. Because a move, whether from Vienna, to Vienna, or within Vienna, is not just about rearranging furniture. Many things need to be considered, organized, or updated because many things have deadlines. That's why Umzugsbaron, your moving company from Vienna, provides you with a comprehensive free checklist as a small extension of our moving service to make your move as smooth as possible.

Moving Checklist

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