The Last Days Before the Move

Even though everything is essentially organized, the stress tends to increase significantly in the last days before the move.

Food and Drinks

Since you'll eventually need to defrost the refrigerator, limit your grocery shopping and food stocking. Some foods don't transport well, so try to consume them as much as possible.

Even if you're supposed to finish everything, consider this: if you have movers helping you on the day of the move, they'll appreciate some refreshments and drinks. Moving is hard work and can make you hungry and thirsty.

checklist the last days before the move

Dismantling Furniture

To make furniture easier to transport and prevent damage, especially with larger items, it's generally a good idea to dismantle them. Because dismantling furniture can be quite time-consuming, you shouldn't leave it until the day of the move. Additionally, make sure to store screws, brackets, and other small parts for each piece of furniture properly. The best way is to place them in a small box or bag and attach it to the relevant piece of furniture with tape. Also, ensure that you don't jam glass doors and place them on a soft surface when leaning them against something, to avoid scratches!

Kitchens are expensive and typically come fully assembled with individual cabinets attached to the countertop and glued. There are also water, wastewater, and electrical connections to consider. Therefore, it's best to have a technician or handyman handle the dismantling and reassembly in the new apartment.

At Umzugsbaron, we have specialists with years of experience. Even if you haven't initially arranged for the dismantling of the kitchen or other furniture for your move, you can still inquire with us at any time. Of course, we can also include these services in our calculation later on.

Tip: Because furniture is bulky, unwieldy, and heavy, never start disassembly work alone. You'll need at least one helper.

Valuable Assistance for Your Move in Vienna Our valuable assistance for your move in Vienna goes beyond just transporting furniture. Because a move, whether from Vienna, to Vienna, or within Vienna, is not just about rearranging furniture. Many things need to be considered, organized, or updated because many things have deadlines. That's why Umzugsbaron, your moving company from Vienna, provides you with a comprehensive free checklist as a small extension of our moving service to make your move as smooth as possible.

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Moving Checklist

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