Moving Day

If you are moving on your own, everything in the apartment should be ready for transport now. The moving truck is parked in the no-parking zone in front of the house, and drinks and refreshments for the movers are prepared and the helpers are all on time. Finally, it's time to start. Begin with the large and bulky items, cushion everything well, fill empty spaces with boxes and bags, and handle fragile and lightweight items carefully.

If you are moving with a moving company, then welcome the moving company and observe. As you know, we take care of everything for you.

Once the old apartment is empty, it's a good idea to ventilate it and give it a quick sweep or vacuum. If there are renovation work needed, they can begin now to ensure everything is ready by the handover date.

Meanwhile, in the new apartment, boxes and furniture are arriving. That's why it's advisable to be personally present on-site to coordinate the arrival. You know best where everything should go. So, it's better to have a friend supervise the loading in the old apartment while you are in the new one.

Putting furniture or a box in the wrong place initially causes chaos and extra work.

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Don't forget food and drinks. Your helpers will also appreciate it.

Once the relocation is complete, cross-check with your list to ensure that everything has indeed arrived in the new apartment. It's not uncommon for something to be forgotten in the hallway of the old apartment or on the street.

If you want to be absolutely sure that everything goes smoothly, consider hiring professionals. Your Umzugsbaron has reliable staff who guarantee that nothing is forgotten or lost.

After the last box has reached its destination, thoroughly clean the stairwell, paths, and if applicable, the elevator of both the old and new apartments. Ensure that there is no debris left, and that everything is at least as clean and tidy as it was in the morning.

Valuable Assistance for Your Move in Vienna Our valuable assistance for your move in Vienna goes beyond just transporting furniture. Because a move, whether from Vienna, to Vienna, or within Vienna, is not just about rearranging furniture. Many things need to be considered, organized, or updated because many things have deadlines. That's why Umzugsbaron, your moving company from Vienna, provides you with a comprehensive free checklist as a small extension of our moving service to make your move as smooth as possible.

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Moving Checklist

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