3 Months Before the Move

Although a quarter of a year may still sound like a long time, three months, especially before a move, pass quickly. If you don't hire a professional moving service to take care of everything, you should start preparing step by step and at the right time.

Search for a New Tenant

Many landlords appreciate it when you present a solvent new tenant yourself. In this case, your landlord doesn't have to worry or even hire a real estate agent. After all, it's not unlikely that someone in your own circle of friends or acquaintances is currently looking for an apartment, and many of your friends already know your place.

If your landlord accepts your new tenant, you have several advantages. For example, you can leave a kitchen or other furnishings you've installed for the new tenant in exchange for compensation. This way, you save the effort of dismantling and possibly disposal. You can usually come to a good agreement with a new tenant regarding renovation work as well. Plus, you've helped someone find a place to live, and maybe even made a new friend.

Terminate Your Current Lease

Since you certainly don't want to pay rent for a place you've moved out of, you should terminate your current lease well in advance. The termination must be in writing.

All main tenants listed in the lease agreement must sign the termination, or it won't be valid.

Also, note that a termination sent by email or fax is not valid. The paper form is required. If you personally hand over the termination to your landlord, ask for a receipt. If you send the termination letter by mail, consider sending it as registered mail. This way, you'll receive a delivery notification that proves compliance with the deadline and the delivery itself.

Since the notice period, unless otherwise agreed in the lease, is one month according to the law, you should be on the safe side with a termination three months before moving out.

If you need more information about terminating a lease, you can find it on the website of the Tenant Association of Austria. They also provide additional information about notice periods. You can even download a sample termination letter on the AK Vorarlberg website.

checklist 3 months before the move

Update Your Energy Services

Whether it's gas, district heating, or electricity, you won't need them in your current apartment anymore. However, you will need them in your new place.

Take note of the meter readings and terminate the respective contracts. It's best to use the paper form again and send it by registered mail, although some providers now offer termination or change of address services on their websites.

Shop around in the energy market and do some research. Moving is a great opportunity to switch from your current provider. Instead of staying on an old tariff, you can often save a few hundred euros by switching.

You can find practical help for all questions related to moving, changing, or canceling your energy services here: Energy Service for Movers

Who Will Handle the Move in Vienna, Lower Austria, and Burgenland?

Your Umzugsbaron will handle the move, of course! But jokes aside, even though we rank at the top with our experience, staff, and professionalism: Get quotes from different moving companies for your move.

Define and compare the desired services carefully. Top-notch moving companies take a lot of stress off your shoulders and offer a wide range of moving services. Don't underestimate a move! Perhaps you can move a student apartment with a rented van and a few friends. But when it comes to moving an entire apartment or even a house, it's no longer manageable without losses alone or with help from friends. That's why you should get professionals involved! Just like with other services, references and customer reviews are helpful in finding a reputable moving company.

Choose wisely! After all, a move is a matter of trust. It's all your belongings that are being moved by strangers. In the end, everything should arrive intact in your new place, without anything disappearing. Unfortunately, it's not uncommon for unscrupulous providers to appear in the market and disappear just as quickly.

What makes the Umzugsbaron special:

  • Free on-site moving consultation
  • Fixed price without any hidden costs based on a transparent calculation
  • Highly trained, friendly, and experienced furniture movers
  • Utmost care to ensure that every item arrives without the slightest scratch in its new location
  • Moving services for both commercial and residential moves to and from Vienna
  • Moves within Vienna, Lower Austria, and Burgenland
  • Secure packaging for even the most delicate pieces of furniture
  • Assemblers and craftsmen for disassembling and assembling furniture, kitchens, etc.
  • Packing service, including safe packing of dishes, porcelain, household items, antiques, etc.
  • Delivery of boxes and packing materials
  • Apartment clearance in Vienna, including professional clearing of anything you no longer need
  • Moving services such as setting up no-parking zones

Request a quote easily here.

Plan Apartment Handover and Renovation Before the Move

If you're planning a move, you should allocate enough time for necessary renovation work in your current apartment. The Tenant Association of Austria explains what needs to be considered during an apartment handover.

If nothing else is agreed upon in the lease agreement, you must return the apartment to your landlord in a swept-clean condition. In short, nothing movable should remain in the apartment. If tiles have been broken or if the parquet or skirting boards are damaged during your occupancy, you are responsible for repairing them. You should also fill and paint over any holes left from screws or nails.

If you have an accepted new tenant, many things can be waived in both parties' interest. If you dismantle and discard the curtain rods, fill and paint over the holes, and your new tenant then needs to drill new holes and buy and install curtains, it doesn't make much sense.

Communication helps. So, talk to your landlord as well. It might not make sense for you to expensive repair the parquet and your landlord might want to use the opportunity of your move-out to do a major renovation.

Sometimes, there can be disagreements after the handover. That's why it's important to meticulously complete the handover protocol and take photos on the day of handover to document the condition of the apartment.

Who Will Do the Renovation Work?

Once you've talked to your landlord and it's clear what needs to be done, decide what you can or want to do yourself and what you'd rather leave to professionals. If you don't have references for good craftsmen, ask acquaintances or search online. Compare well and pay attention to the provider's credibility. For example, you can find offers from craftsmen on MyHammer.at: The Craftsman Portal on the Internet.

You can also find suitable craftsmen on Flohmarkt.at: The Craftsman Exchange.

Request Time Off?

Talk to your employer. Since moving involves a tremendous amount of effort, most collective labor agreements provide special leave for your move. Since the regulations vary from industry to industry, contact your company in advance. It's often one day, and sometimes even more. Ask! You should also calculate realistically. Perhaps using a few days of your annual leave for a move and the days after is a good investment.

Valuable Assistance for Your Move in Vienna Our valuable assistance for your move in Vienna goes beyond just transporting furniture. Because a move, whether from Vienna, to Vienna, or within Vienna, is not just about rearranging furniture. Many things need to be considered, organized, or updated because many things have deadlines. That's why Umzugsbaron, your moving company from Vienna, provides you with a comprehensive free checklist as a small extension of our moving service to make your move as smooth as possible.

Checklist PDF-Link

Click here to download the checklist to tick.

Moving Checklist

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